Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby trousers

These baby trousers aren't half as cute as I thought they would be. But never mind. They're for my nephew, who was born last week.

Any time I use a pattern to make clothing, I feel the need to change something. I think it is an urge to 'create', rather than just follow directions. (I do admire people who have the patience for following things exactly, though!)

In this case, the pattern was for very simple cotton trousers. Well, I decided to use denim, and make them lined for extra warmth! I hope they fit the baby. I might make a pair for our baby, if I find the time...


Ruthie said...

Sian Watts!!!
I don't know how well you remember me - it all seems so long ago now, those days in Loughborough. I was delighted to see your picture on Lesley Annes Blog.
Hope you don't mind me peeking at yours. I'm impressed with all your creations. Trying to be a bit creative myself these days so I'm looking for ideas. And seeing what someone else has done is always inspiring.
Hope the rest of your family are all well.

love Ruth Bardsley

jess said...

adorable pants!! i need to start putting little tags in my clothing to show which side is the back...though usually it doesn't matter much. makes it looks so professional though!