Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a second batch of Christmas baubles

I made some more baubles using this tutorial. The first batch was for my brothers and sister in England, but I fell in love with them, so I made another set just for us! They are going to look so great on our tree.

If you like to crochet, I highly recommend that you get right over to Attic24 and start making your very own set of baubles. But be warned- they're addictive!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Flippy floppy

A few weeks before Millie was born, the nesting bug set in and I went a little crazy making hats and other things for her. My sewing machine was broken at that time but I still found plenty to keep me busy! Around that time I found a new-to-me blog called Aesthetic Nest, written by a very talented lady called Anneliese, who sews, knits, crochets, paints, and throws the most AMAZING  parties for her three girls.

One of Anneliese's crochet patterns was for this adorable hat, which has a choice of a 'flippy floppy' on top, or a ruffled rose on the side. I made the flippy floppy for Millie but I've also done a ruffled rose version for my niece and it is lovely.

The blue and brown one below was for a little boy soon to be born to my friend Tiff. I adapted the pattern slightly by doing two rows of single crochet for the contrast edging, and making the ties a little shorter.

You can find the original pattern here.

In case you're interested, I also knit the cardi that Millie is wearing in that top picture. I can't seem to find the pattern anymore so no link, sorry. It was a really easy knit, and all in one piece.

Monday, November 21, 2011

bauble decorations

Looking for something lightweight to send to my brothers and sisters in England, I came across this amazing tutorial, which I had saved in my favourites folder. Lucy at Attic24 is not only amazingly talented, but also very generous with her time in creating wonderful, detailed tutorials.

These little Christmas decorations were so fun, quick and easy to make and just look so pretty! I hope my family in England like them as much as I do. I have started work on several for our tree. It will be nice to have something to hang on the bottom branches that I know can't hurt the children, and they can't ruin!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A hat (not quite) fit for a husband

About the end of September, I decided that each member of my little family should receive something knitted by me for Christmas. Cardigans for the girls and hats for the boys. The girls' cardi's were finished by mid- October, but I've been having problems with the hats, for some reason. Luke's came together quite fast but ended up looking kind of silly (I'll show you in another post) Trev's was very quick and easy but I accidentally selected a green yarn (It looked grey on my computer...) However, I do love this pattern. I adore the ribbing, as it makes for a really nice, stretchy hat. I will be using the same pattern for my next attempt. This green one is going into our winter gear basket, and I'll probably end up wearing it myself. It really is comfy.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

cutie in wool

What could be more delicious than a squishy baby in wool?

I really enjoyed knitting this little sweater. I used this pattern, from Lion Brand. It came together very easily and is just so cute on her. Here's to many more adorable little baby sweaters :-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coming back

After a long long time away (almost a year and a half- oh my) I have decided to start using this space again. Turns out I enjoy the process of finalising a project by documenting it. So, in the near future, look for new posts about what I've been up to. Obviously I'm not going to write about everything I've done, but there will be an 'update' of some sort :-)