Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A hat (not quite) fit for a husband

About the end of September, I decided that each member of my little family should receive something knitted by me for Christmas. Cardigans for the girls and hats for the boys. The girls' cardi's were finished by mid- October, but I've been having problems with the hats, for some reason. Luke's came together quite fast but ended up looking kind of silly (I'll show you in another post) Trev's was very quick and easy but I accidentally selected a green yarn (It looked grey on my computer...) However, I do love this pattern. I adore the ribbing, as it makes for a really nice, stretchy hat. I will be using the same pattern for my next attempt. This green one is going into our winter gear basket, and I'll probably end up wearing it myself. It really is comfy.

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