Friday, March 20, 2009


I have a feeling that my next few posts will be pretty much all baby clothes. I am finding snatches of time here and there, but not much, so it's quite slow progress. Here's a dress that I started ages ago and just finished last week. Lainey wore it to church and looked sweet. The pattern says to make buttonholes, but I used snap fasteners and just sewed the buttons on for decoration. I'm a bit scared of buttonholes, I think!
And here's Lainey in her trousers, looking all chilled out in the sink

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jess said...

i loove that little jumper! the lining is so adorable against that denim! i'm all for snaps, although i'm not as scared of button holes now as i used to be. helps to have a mother who knows how to make my sewing machine do what it's supposed to. :D