Saturday, August 8, 2009

Breathable crib bumpers

Lainey is at the stage where her arms and legs are always escaping through the bars of her crib. I'm a bit scared of traditional bumpers, it just seems like a baby could suffocate with them. So I came up with this simple idea to make them breathable.

I used a mesh material that I bought, oh, a year ago. I trimmed it with satin blanket binding, and made ties from bias tape. It's one piece that kind of weaves in and out of the crib bars (at the corners) and joins with velcro.

I used lavender, so that it will go with the quilt that my mum made and sent over for Lainey. Isn't it lovely? I love Beatrix Potter!


Jed and Kera said...

i'm loving the blog! by the way i kept having really bad feelings about the bumpers in the crib....i mean bad feelings. i knew the Spirit was warning me and i took them off finally after a week of it and have felt so good after but i've been looking into these bumpers and they are $30+ i didn't think about making one!

jess said...

that is an awesome idea! i've been worried about sadie's bumpers but didn't want her limbs to get stuck either! love your pillows and blankets you've made! :D