Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas PJs

Simple flannel bottoms made using a pattern (simplicity, I think) There were going to be tops too, but I couldn't find my pattern for that. I had it all cut out and ready to go and some green knit fabric which coordinated with both of the flannel prints. Oh well.

Then Trev asked for a pair, too. I made a BIG mistake, probably one of the biggest mistakes a wife can make- I underestimated my husband's height! I didn't buy quite enough fabric. I made it work by adding this extra strip on the bottom (which was cut from the scraps I had left over) I added some piping to make it look like it was done on purpose, although I should have taken the time to match the pattern on the fabric. Ah, it was a busy time, those last few days before Christmas.

Trev loves them, and he wears them all the time. He also got compliments from his brothers, which has led to a request that I make them each a pair for their birthdays. Joy.

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